Sunday, December 19, 2004


As of about 10 a.m this morning, Chrissy and I are engaged! Yaaayy!! Here's how it went:

Chrissy just got a new job, and her last day at the old place was 12/15. She doesn't start the new place until 12/28. So she was already planning to take some time off and spend some time in Jersey at her mom's place. I am going up to Jersey for Christmas weekend. Instead of taking two cars, we were meeting her mom & sister 1/2 way and I was handing off Chrissy & Buddy (the cat). Before we left the apartment, I suggested she use the facilities since she had a long ride. While she was in there, I put the ring, in the open case, into the cat carrier and closed the door. When she came out, I handed her the cat and asked her to put him in the carrier. She put the carrier on the couch, opened the door, took a step back and gasped. She asked, "Is that for me?" I said, "Yes." She gasped again and took another step back. I picked up the ring and held it out to her. Her face turned red and tears began swelling in her eyes. She was near hyperventilating/laughing/crying, so I waited until her breathing regulated and said, "Will you marry me?" She shrieked, took another step back and turned away with her face in her hands. After a few seconds of hysterics, she realized she hadn't answered, so she turned back around and said, "OH! Yes! YES!!"

So, as of now, the date is set for November 5, 2005! Yaaayyy!!