Thursday, February 26, 2009

Second Group of Twelve

Another night of underwhelming performances and poor song choices on Idol. Jasmine started off with a disappointing perfomance of a poor song choice. Matt, the dueling pianist, stunk up the joint. Jeanine, who I never even heard of before last night, struggled through Maroon 5. She did have nice legs, though. Nick... aye yi yi. What can I say about Nick/Norman? Great voice, fun to watch, but definitely should not be going through to the next round on this singing competition. If I were in this competition, singing my heart out, and he went through and I didn't? I'd be pissed. Allison did a serviceable job on Heart, but it's not 16 Year-Old Idol. They must have mentioned her age about 10-15 times. They did the same thing with Jordan Sparks. They should not be judging based on how well the do for their age. They should be judging based on how well they sing. Period. Kris, I thought, did an excellent job singing Man in the Mirror. I thought it was among the best vocals of the night, and liked the arrangement even better than the original. Megan did a fantastic job singing Corrine Bailey Rae. I really like her. She's soulful, unique, memorable. Definitely the best of the night. Matt did ok singing Tonic. I like Matt and he seems like a nice guy. I just don't know if he did well enough to go on. Jesse did pretty well with Bette Davis Eyes, but I can see Simon's point. Not the most memorable. Kai is another nice guy who just picked the wrong song and had a pretty boring performance. Mishavonna did the same. I don't see the attraction to Adam. I think he's very annoying and shouty. I didn't care for his performance at all. I think Kris and Megan were tops for the night and Jesse should be the next highest. That's what should happen. What will probably really happen will be Allison and Adam will get the most votes and Megan will go through in 3rd.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

From Entertainment Weekly's summary of last night's Idol: "Since my surest bet of the night is that two men will advance to the top 12 on Wednesday night, that means only one woman will be able to join 'em, and I'm putting my money on Alexis Grace, a contestant whose transformation from perky young mom to black-slip-sporting sexpot won't be seemingly complete for the judges until Alexis installs a stripper poll [sic] at center stage and works it like a nine-to-five. Seriously, how many ways can this woman be asked by the judges to dirty herself up, or to make love to her fiancé before she's got a legitimate sexual harassment suit on her hands?"

Too funny! Seriously, though, Alexis was hot. Not just physically, but the performance. She should definitely go through for the ladies. Danny should be a lock for the guys. In fact, he's my early pick to win the whole shebang (not to be confused with She Bang, by William Hung). My money's on Noop-Dawg for the #3 spot. I pray to all that is holy that tonight is the last we see of Hyena Girl (a.k.a. Tatiana).

Monday, February 09, 2009

Star... Wars...?

This absolutely cracked me up! Apparently, this guy found out his friend had never seen Star Wars. He was going to show her, but she decided she had seen enough of it from clips and such, and she didn't need to see it because she already knew what happened. So, like any good friend, he recorded what she said, and created a brief animation showing what she was describing.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

I think my favorite part is when Amber mentions The Force, and we see the formula F=MA (Force = Mass * Acceleration, for those that don't know). Followed closely by when she mentions the "dark side" and Joe shows the album cover for Dark Side of the Moon. This is a must see for any Star Wars fan!