Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Idol, Top 6

My thoughts on last night and predictions for tonight.
McPheever - Did ok, but I agree with the judges. The song was too big for her. She struggled a bit. There were 2 big reasons viewers may have liked her.
Elliot - Did fantastic. One of the best performances of the night. Paula was nuts for breaking down in tears for it, but I loved how Simon was laughing at her while she was doing it.
Pickler - Not a great performance. She is struggling a bit. I think her days are numbered. Looked great, though. And she's still adorable enough that I think she'll make it 1 more week, but she'll be bottom 3.
Paris - Again, good for a 17-year old, but the song was too much for her. I think she'll be bottom 3, but will make it through.
Taylor - Not his best performance, but I think his general popularity and stage presence will pull him through.
Chris - Kicked ass. Excellent song choice. I am worried, though, since he did the slow sensitive song last week and was 2nd from the bottom. But I think he was tied with Elliott for best performance of the night.

Overall, I'm going for the upset. I'm picking McPheever to go home. I think there are a lot of people who get the same feeling from her that Chrissy does (and I get glimpses of occasionally) - there's a little something not right. Maybe something under the surface that she might not be as nice as she appears. Also, a bit spoiled & arrogant, maybe? Not as bad as Ayla, but it's there. I think she may have put off some of the female viewers with those boobs. (Meow - know what I mean?). I think the females will be bottom 3, Paris will get the black vote, Pickle will get the male-wants-to-be-her-boyfriend vote, Kat will go.