Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Weekend of Extremes

Well, we went to New Jersey this weekend to visit with Chrissy's family. We had a luau last night with a bunch of our friends, and that went great. We baked a ham, fried some rice and got some chicken, we had crab rangoon appetizers as well as chicken and vegetable spring rolls. We had rum (yum!). Basically anything remotely polynesian, we got. Of course, we fed 12 people and still had leftovers for about 8 more meals. But that's nothing unusual for us. So that was the good...

Then, this morning, we were meeting Chrissy's cousin Denise and Aunt Fran for breakfast at a restaurant she highly recommended. Then we were going to visit her Aunt Kay, who is in a physical rehab center recovering from breaking a pelvis bone in a fall. If she follows orders, she should be able to go gome in a few weeks, but she's pretty stubborn. She's already had one setback because she was trying to do too much herself.

But I digress. We went to a restaurant in Maple Shade, NJ, called Maritsa's. We had forgotten it was Father's Day, and had to wait a little bit for a table. No problem. After a bit, we got seated. The waitress took our order, including our usual "pork roll well done," and the wait began. After about 15-20 minutes, we started seeing people around us finish their meals and leave, and other patrons being seated and ordering. Then, we started seeing the new patrons getting their food! So we snagged the passing waitress and asked if it would be much longer, and were told (with no apology) that "he" was real busy and backed up and it wouldn't be long. Another 10-15 minutes later, Denise got up and asked the manager how much longer it would be, because she had to leave for work soon. She was assured that it would be any minute. Another 10 minutes or so later, we decided that if one more table that was seated after us got served before us, we would leave. No sooner did we decide that, then the table next to us got served. So we get up to leave. As we pass the counter, the owner/manager sees us and says, "Oh, wait, your food is up!" We turned to each other, trying to decide if we should stay, when the owner's son (and the cook of the restaurant) says, "You want it well done or you want it raw? Get the hell out of here!" I said, "Forget it. Let's leave." I guess the owner decided to back his son and said, "You always complain! We don't want you here! Leave and don't come back!" So long story short (too late), if you're ever in Maple Shade, NJ, don't ever got to Maritsa's on Main Street. The service is slow and apathetic and the owners and cooks are rude.

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