Friday, June 06, 2008

Nazgul v. Labradoodle

Ok. I've you've seen Lord of the Rings, I'm pretty sure you remember the Nazgul. They were the creepy guys on horseback who had been warped by the power of the Nine Rings of Power that were given to the Kingdom of Men. They were extremely well done, IMHO. Or so I thought. This guy is apparently very similar to me in that he thinks about things like this far too often. In any case, he blogged about the Nazgul (God, how geeky does that even sound?), and I'm not so convinced about their bad-ass-ness any more. In any case, I think I've found a new fun website to follow. This dude sounds a lot like me.

P.S. Go Big Brown!

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JacquelineC said...

Thanks. Just what I needed. Another reason to not do my work! It's a really funny post and looks like a pretty good blog. Just perused it.

Check out this post by my writing guru, the Burry Man:

and my may enjoy.
- JC