Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

From Entertainment Weekly's summary of last night's Idol: "Since my surest bet of the night is that two men will advance to the top 12 on Wednesday night, that means only one woman will be able to join 'em, and I'm putting my money on Alexis Grace, a contestant whose transformation from perky young mom to black-slip-sporting sexpot won't be seemingly complete for the judges until Alexis installs a stripper poll [sic] at center stage and works it like a nine-to-five. Seriously, how many ways can this woman be asked by the judges to dirty herself up, or to make love to her fiancé before she's got a legitimate sexual harassment suit on her hands?"

Too funny! Seriously, though, Alexis was hot. Not just physically, but the performance. She should definitely go through for the ladies. Danny should be a lock for the guys. In fact, he's my early pick to win the whole shebang (not to be confused with She Bang, by William Hung). My money's on Noop-Dawg for the #3 spot. I pray to all that is holy that tonight is the last we see of Hyena Girl (a.k.a. Tatiana).

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