Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Thoughts & Observations

Ok. Now that week 1 is over, a few random thoughts in no particular order:

1. HELL TO THE YEAH!! Redskins beat the Cowgirls!! WOO HOO!!

2. Sorry. Had to get that out. So the team won, but got statistically outplayed. They had fewer run yards, fewer pass yards, fewer first downs, less time of possession and worse third and fourth down efficiency. But guess what? We also had a better turnover ratio. Then, of course, there is the most important statistic of all: points scored. That was where we brought it home.

3. Coach Shanahan spoke in his press conference about the importance of playing the game for 60 minutes. I agree with him that evidence of this statement is demonstrated in the last play of each half. The first half ended with DeAngelo Hall stripping the ball from Tashard Choice, then picking up the fumble and running it in for a touchdown. The game ended with Brian Orakpo being held while rushing the QB, nullifying a TD pass and ending the game. The two most important plays of the game, each played in the last seconds of the half, when many players could be thinking of packing it in and heading to the locker room. That's what a coach like Shanahan brings to this team: discipline.

4. I noticed, watching the highlights, that Hall and Choice are both #23. Funny coincidence. (Not "ironic." That's not what that word means. Just interesting. But I digress...). I also thought it was sweet that, after the TD, Hall ran to the stands and gave his mother a kiss.

5. The hold on Orakpo was a result of his charge to Romo on the last play of the game. If Alex Barron hadn't held Orakpo, it sure looked like 'Rak would have at least reached Romo and most likely sacked him. Game over anyway. Romo might have slipped out (like he did last year), completed the pass (like he did last year) and won the game (like he did last year). We'll never know. You know what? We don't need to know. Because we won. That's the difference between this team and the Redskins of the past five or so years. Incidentally, the guy who held Orakpo, Alex Barron... most penalized player in the league last year.

6. Graham Gano kicked a 49 yard field goal! Wow!

7. Speaking of field goals, early in the 3rd quarter, Skins kicked a short FG but Dallas committed a penatly. Shanny took the penalty (giving up the three points), which gave us 1st and 10 on the five-yard line. We were unable to convert the TD and so lined up for an even shorter FG. Unfortunately, the holder fumbled the high snap and we gave up the ball on downs. People are second guessing the Coach saying, "You never take points off the board." I have no problem with Shanahan taking the penalty. You get a chance for four downs to get five yards and a chance for seven points instead of three? Hell yeah! No one expects, even if you can't get the TD, that you'll not make a 15-yard FG.

8. Now, it's on to the Houston Texans. Kyle Shanahan, our Offensive Coordinator, held the same position with Houston last year. They're still running the offense he installed. So they know our scheme and we know theirs. Should make for an interesting matchup!

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