Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Aye caramba

Well, it's been a while since I've had a chance to update my blog. As my family and many of my friends know, this is the reason why: on Sunday, August 8, I was traveling southbound on Route 2 in Glen Burnie. I was on my way home from getting my hair cut. I was stopped at the traffic light at Route 648 when I was rear-ended by a guy in a Silver Dodge pick-up truck. It's the first time I've been in a real auto accident. So I spent the next two days calling insurance companies, visiting doctors, staying home from work (so it hasn't been all bad), laying in bed with a heating pad and watching movies (ditto). After two days of staying home, I went back to work. However, since I have had to go to follow-up visits to my doctor, and 3 visits per week to the chiropractor/physical therapist, it's been a major pain. I've had to leave work early to fight traffic in a rental car in order to make it to the doctors.

I'm pretty much close to normal now. I've got my car back. Of course, I now have to fight with Enterprise Rent-a-Car and the insurance company (Geico) because I got my car back on Friday, was out of town on Saturday, Enterprise is closed on Sunday, and there were 3 accidents on the way home from work yesterday (so I missed my doctor's appointment, too). Therefore, I was unable to return the rental until today. Now Enterprise wants to charge me for the extra days. My view on this is that the only reason I have to put up with any of this is because their insured rear-ended me at... a... red... light.... If I can't make it to Enterprise for two weeks, well, that's just too friggin' bad. I refuse to pay money out of my pocket so that they can be convenienced.

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katelnorth said...

You give 'em hell. :) Glad you're not too badly injured. And glad i didn't send you a sarky email about updating your blog, because then I would have felt really stupid.