Sunday, July 30, 2006

Al Saunders - The Redskins' New Sheriff

The Redskins' New Sheriff Ok, here's my theory. Gibbs has been back for two years. Greg Williams has been his (kick ass) defensive coordinator for both years. At the end of last year, everyone thought Williams would leave to take a head coaching job, but guess what? He signed an extension on his contract for three more years. What do I think? Dan Snyder & Coach Gibbs convinced Williams to stay on for the remainder of Gibbs' tenure by promising him the Head Coach job when Gibbs left. Smart move, I think. Ok. Then, after the end of the season last year, we hear Al Saunders, offensive coordinator of the highest scoring offenses in the league for the past two years, has been hired to take over the offense for Gibbs. After reading this article, I'm guessing that the feeling in the league is that he's proven himself as a coordinator, but doesn't have the proven leadership ability to take the top spot. So what does he do? He takes a job as offensive coordinator under one of the greatest coaches and leaders in the history of the NFL. A coach who had done wonders with his team, but has floundered a bit on offense. A team that has a great defense, but has needs help delivering the ball into the end zone. So with the some of the best offensive and defensive coaches in the league, with some of the most creative free agent financing and acquisitions in the off season, it looks like the Skins will have the ability to go all the way this year. That's what we get out of it. What does Saunders get? He gets to watch the master in action. He gets to watch and learn from a cocah who has won three Super Bowls. He gets to learn how to be a head coach in the National Football League. And three years from now, when Gibbs has proven that he still has what it takes to win a Super Bowl and retires again, and Williams takes his place at the top spot in the franchise, Saunders will have his choice of teams to call his own.

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