Thursday, July 06, 2006

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That...

Can I? Dare I say it? I love Clinton Portis! Not that I'm gay or anything (see title of this post). Aside from his obvious talent (1,516 rushing yards last year) and his great sense of humor (Southeast Jerome), I think the man is a great team player. Just read what he says about the upcoming season. Watch him play. He always knows where the ball is and is aware of what is happening in any given play. More importantly, he doesn't stop playing until after the play is over. How many times do you see people standing around doing nothing because they thought they heard a whistle, only to see someone run right past them with the ball? You never see Portis do that. He hustles until the bitter end... and then keeps going. He also has a bit of a reputation as a man-about-town, but come on, the guy's 24, single, good looking (see title again) and rich. BUT you don't hear about him getting arrested for pulling a gun on someone (you listening, Sean?). Is it obvious? I'm an admirer!

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