Thursday, December 07, 2006

Interesting Developments

Well, there have been some interesting events on a few different fronts. First off, I got an interesting email the other day from someone I hadn't seen in years! Denny! Of course, that name may not mean anything to anyone reading this, but he is a friend of mine from my days at the bank. He and Kelly (another friend from those days - she's a teacher) and I hung out on a semi-regular basis. Our favorite thing to do was to hang out at Kelly's, make Chef Boyardee pizza and watch Silence of the Lambs. I know, a bit odd, but then again, so am I, and by extension, most of my friends. So apparently, he was checking out MySpace the other day, and found my page. Now, if you go to my page, you'll see, there's nothing earth-shattering there. I mostly have it so that I can keep up with my niece & nephew, and a few movies/tv shows. So the fact that he found it, and that I actually checked it and found his message, is pretty amazing. I can't count the number of times I have told Chrissy about some crazy shit that he & I would talk about, joke about, or do, so I'm enjoying catching up with him.
On the TV front, Dexter only has 2 episodes left. Don't know if that's for the season or for the show. Sometimes cable does strange things with shows, so I don't know if the show is just a one-season show, or if it will go on, or if even the ratings merit a 2nd season. I know the quality does. It is better than 99% of what is out there on network TV. I know I look forward to it more than I do Lost. Dexter's sister is dating a doctor who just happens to moonlight as a serial killer, just like Dexter does. Only this guy is a few steps ahead of Dex. But from the previews at the end of Sunday's show, it looks like Dexter figures it out before the end of the season. Can't wait to see how he handles it! He handled Rita's asshole ex pretty well. Oh, snap! I just realized as I typed this that Rita's daughter is named Astor, and Dexter's captain is Capt. Astor. That can't be a coincidence. Does Rita have some connection to the captain? Hmmm....
But even more so than Dexter, my current fave is Heroes!! This show is sooo good! It is everything the first season of Lost was (emphasis on the past tense). Chrissy got a little squeamish the first episode or two when a couple of deaths by super-powered serial killer took place, but the story and characters are so good, she got hooked pretty quickly. There were four jaw-drop moments in Monday's episode, in no particular order: 1) Seeing that Peter's flash forward that he is the exploding one, 2) Eden's death, 3) Hiro v. T-Rex, 4) the Haitian speaks! Speaking of the Haitian, what is his agenda? Claire will play along, I suppose. Though it would be interesting to see get mind-wiped, re-discover her power and re-approach Zach to help her out. I hope she strikes up a new friendship with him. I think he was good for her and I'd hate to see him get cut out entirely.

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