Thursday, December 14, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts

This fiasco with the SD Senator Tim Johnson is ridiculous. Why does the governor get to appoint a successor? This is regardless of party. At the very least, if the gov gets to pick, he should have to try to pick someone from the same party whose platform aligns with the person who was elected by the people! Then that appointee should be ratified by Senators from the elected's party. Something like that. Or another election should be held. Otherwise, the will of the people basically counts for nothing, simply because someone, through no fault of their own, got sick.
Golden Globes. Congrats to Heroes for its nom for Best Drama and to Masi Oka for his for best supporting actor nom. And, wow! Michael C. Hall was nominated for Best Actor in a TV Drama for Dexter. Yaaayy! He absolutely deserves it for his incredibly nuanced, subtle performance.
Finally, I think I'm actually getting in to the holiday spirit a little early this year. Eleven days away, and I'm actually feelin' it (despite last weekend - a whole other story). Usually, it's not until at least the week of. Still not ready to start listening to Christmas music 24/7, but I don't think I ever get to that point.

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