Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Disco Sucks

Well, the idols were mentored last night by Barry Gibb and they sang songs written, produced or performed by him. The problem with this premise is, basically (as the title of this post says), that disco sucks. The Bee Gees were great... for the 70's disco era. But today, not so much. The songs aren't very good, they don't work in 2007, and they aren't good choices for today's youth to sing. What this amounted to was a fairly boring, lackluster show. No one had a great night, or a great performance, for that matter. Some were better than others and some did better on one song than another, but by & large, they all had rough nights. I won't do a play-by-play. Basically, the only one who could do anything with any of the songs was Blake. He "made the songs his own," as the judges always say they want, but never like. Not that his performances were great, but at least he did something with them. Unfortunately, I think he has the weakest voice of the remaining contestants. Fortunately, though, he's a better performer and makes better song choices. I think Lakisha will go home tonight.

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