Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bon Jovi Week

This week, the Idols were mentored by and sang songs from Jon Bon Jovi. It was a pretty good week. Phil started off great singing Blaze of Glory. Given the recent emergence of Phil's country roots, and the fact that this song was from the soundtrack of a Western, it was an excellent song choice. He definitely worked in some of the country twang into the rock of the song and started the show off with a bang. Jordin, clearly out of her element singing rock, struggled through Living on a Prayer. She looked pretty scary, too, trying to cultivate that rocker-chick look. Not good. Lakisha redeemed herself after last week's shaky performance. I wasn't overly familiar with the song, but it didn't matter. She made it her bitch. I don't blame Simon for wanting to kiss her. Blake took a big risk changing up You Give Love a Bad Name. It paid off, IMHO. It was a star-making performance. Not the best vocals of the night, or even his best, but best performance so far. I think Simon was right, though, that half the people (including me) will love it and half will hate it. But you know what? He did exactly what they ask for week in and week out - he made it his own. In any case, I think he'll have enough votes from last week that he will be safe. As usual, I thought Chris was whiney and nasal. Didn't care for his rendition Wanted Dead or Alive for that, but even worse, that was one of the songs that Chris Daughtry absolutely sang last year and absolutely rocked the house! Chris' version paled in comparison even more. Melinda closed with Have a Nice Day. Not her best, but still Melinda. So she'll stay. It's a tough call, since we're taking two weeks into account for tonight. Chris is definitely going. Lakisha's a possibility, as discussed last week, but I think she redeemed herself this week. Jordin should go, but it will probably be Phil.

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