Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hogging Bandwidth

Ok. I did a little more investigating on this bandwidth thing. One of the things that kept being mentioned in this work memo was digital pictures. I was checking my email last night when I got home and noticed two emails I had gotten earlier (Yahoo shows the size of the email files). One was a 4-line response from a comment I had left on a friend's blog. That was 3k. The next email was from Chrissy's cousin Denise, who just got married. It had ten digital pictures from the wedding attached. Ten. That's it. That email was 4,631k. Now, multiply that by all the attorneys, secretaries and other support staff in our firm. Add to that music files, streaming audio, movie clips etc. That's a big difference in bandwidth. I guess I can see their point... Dammit.

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