Thursday, June 14, 2007

The List

Hmmm... I may have to bump Jessica Alba up on my List. In case you never watched Friends, when Ross & Rachel were originally together, it came up that they each had a List of five celebrities. These were people with whom they were allowed to sleep, consequence-free, in the unlikely event that they ever had the opportunity. My List has been fairly stable for quite a while (in no particular order): Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Actually, J-Lo, Salma & Angelina have been pretty steady at the top, Halle & Catherine have sometimes rotated around in & out of the Top 5, depending on what they're doing and who my flavor o' the month is. For instance, when Ashley Judd was in Double Jeopardy, she probably bumped out CZ-J for a time. When Alias was in its final season, Jennifer Garner may have risen to the Top 5. Given this latest development, should it turn out to be true and not just a publicity stunt for FF2:RotSS, she may move up in the world. Ok, so she's far too young (though not 12, like Chrissy thinks) and not a great actress (but not terrible). I'm a guy. Sue me.


katelnorth said...

Of course she's too young, but I mean, this is The List. The List is just The List, not reality. I bet Chrissy has someone on her list who is too young. Personally, I am so out of touch with pop culture :) that most of my list probably ISN'T too young for me. How sad is that. (And before you ask - Johnny Depp of course. Duh.)

somd said...

So funny that I caught this today! Last night I was lying in bed with John flipping through the channels. We came across a Johnny Depp movie (I didn't recognize it), and I turned to John and said, "Honey, if Johnny Depp walked in through that door right now, and wanted to sleep with me, I'd go for it.... sorry :-)". It didn't phase him, though, because I know he feels the same way about Catherine Zeta-Jones, who interestingly enough is playing a chef in her current movie. And to him, that's just about the only thing hotter than a chick in hockey skates ;-)!!