Monday, March 03, 2008

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Absolutely the wrong people went home on Idol last week. Even the people that should have gone home were surprised that they didn't. I felt bad for Alaina. I keep forgetting that she's only 17. A lot of these contestants who are very young do so well on stage that I forget that they're really just kids. After her initial breakdown, though, she composed herself very well. I didn't think they should have pushed her to sing, and she struggled at first, but pulled herself together well by the end of the song. In general, I think it's very mean to make these people sing after they get booted off. I feel like they are saying, "Ok. We know you're very emotional right now, because America just told you that you're not good enough. BUT... we'd like you, one more time, to sing the song that wasn't good enough to keep you in the competition. Just in case you or anyone else forgot just how bad you were!" Kinda mean.

Oh, and Wladimir Klitschko won the unified Heavyweight IBO/IBF/WBO belt last weekend. Not the most exciting fight I've seen, but a dominating performance. Before the twelfth and final round, his trainer, Emmanuel Steward, told him he needed to knock Ibragimov out, or it would look bad. Well, by that point, it was too late. If he had said something around the 6th round, Klitschko could have done something. As it was, it didn't look so hot. But I still think he showed his dominance. Now he needs to grab that WBC belt and be a true unified champ!

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