Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week 2 of the Gals

Song choice seemed to be the big issue for the ladies. The ones that struggled did so because they chose the wrong song. Carly, on the other hand, started out with the perfect song, Crazy on You, by Heart. I was worried when she started. When people sing Heart and Queen, I always think it's a mistake. But Carly pulled it off. Amazing performance. Nailed it. Syesha chose the wrong song with Me & Mrs. Jones (though, she sang it as "Mr. Jones"). As was pointed out with Syesha, with powerful voices like hers, singers tend to struggle on the soft, low notes, then bring it around on the big notes. That's exactly what happened with Syesha. Brooke then kicked ass singing You're So Vain. Though she never came out and admitted it, everyone seemed to agree that she was singing straight to Simon. And he loved it. Brooke was rockin' the Carly Simon vibe. It absolutely worked for her. Ramiele struggled with Don't Leave Me this way. Very awkward performance. Not natural. It seemed like someone else showed her this song and said, "Hey, this would be perfect for you." It wasn't. Kristy looked hot, but struggled with You're No Good. It wasn't terrible, better than last week, but it wasn't good. As Simon said, I think she needs to get back to her country roots. That's where she shines. Amanda the rocker nurse stunk up the joint singing Carry On Wayward Son. She started rough and never seemed to recover. She looked like she was uncomfortable the entire time. She will be lucky to make it to next week. I thought Alaina did fine singing Hopelessly Devoted to You. Not perfect, but good. Alexandrea also did fine singing If You Leave Me Now. It was odd to hear a woman singing Peter Cetera's falsetto, but she sounded good. Not a good song for her, though. Last week's was much better, more upbeat. Kady Malloy absolutely chose the wrong song with Magic Man. Struggled with the low notes, couldn't find the melody anywhere. And I can't believe Simon didn't know the song. Asia'h turned in what I thought was another powerhouse performance singing All by Myself. Aside from a brief loss of voice in the beginning, apparently due to lingering illness, I thought it was a fantastic vocal. Looked great, too. I think Kristy would be a little worried, if not for the fact that Kady & Amanda did so much worse this week. She really needs to pick it up if she wants to make it past next week.

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