Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Penultimate Idol and Fall TV

Ok, Idol has gotten a bit boring now that Michael Johns and Carly Smithson are out. The votes have proven time and again that it is less a singing talent competition than it is a teenage popularity contest. I'm sure the same will hold true this week as we narrow down to the final two contestants. David Archuleta demonstrated why, especially with the field narrowed as it is, that he will be in the finals and, most likely, win the whole thing. The only thing that may hurt him is backlash about his stage dad getting barred from backstage for meddling. I doubt it will have a significant effect, though. Syesha performed very well and looked fantastic. I do think she thinks a bit much of herself, though, and I don't think people like her personally, no matter how she sings. I disagree with Randy, though, about her lack of a defining performance. She had it three weeks ago on Andrew Lloyd Webber week when she sang One Rock & Roll Too Many. It showed exactly what her performance of Fever showed last night - she belongs on a live stage doing musical theater, not in a studio recording a pop song. When the show and the tour are over, she'll have a fine career for herself on stage, probably on Broadway. David Cook did his typical Cook performance. He also thinks a bit much of himself, but people like him. I personally don't care too much for him, but I seem to be in the minority. He completely tanked the 2nd song last night, and it was a terrible song choice (Dare You to Move by Switchfoot?). He did better with Aerosmith on his 3rd song, but not well enough to win the night, as Simon claimed. Based on performance quality, it should be Archuleta and Syesha going on to next week. But based on popularity I think Syesha will go home and Cook will be in the final.

In other news, post-strike Fall TV schedules are being released by the networks. Moonlight, New Amsterdam, Bionic Woman and Journeyman are all getting the boot. Former on-the-bubble shows Reaper, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Supernatural got picked up. No surprise that Chuck, Lost, 24, Idol and Pushing Daisies will be back. Most of them had gotten pick-ups pre strike. Not too many new series that have grabbed my attention so far. Looking forward to Dollhouse and Fringe, by Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams, respectively. Of course, they're on Fox, so they'll probably show the first 4 episodes out of order, then yank it. And, naturally, these are only the shows that I care about. That's about it.

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