Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dare I Say It?

Ok, so we kicked ass in a way that I didn't think possible against the Eagles. I was worried after that 14-0 start. Forget that the 2nd TD should have been called back due to penalty. It wasn't. Who knows how the rest of the game would have gone if it was? Now, we're going into a 3-game run (2 at home) against teams with a combined record of 1-11! That means there's a better than good chance that (dare I?...) we're going 7-1. Especially if we can stick to Coach Zorn's mantra of Playing Medium. We didn't get down on ourselves after going down early in the Eagles game. We didn't get too full of ourselves after beating the early Super Bowl-favorite Cowboys.

Every week, I'm increasingly impressed with Jim Zorn. I like the aggressive play calling. I like the honesty when he gets to the microphone. I like the enthusiasm for the game. I really like his willingness to let banged-up players rest, so that they'll be healthier for the long run. Along with that, he has the confidence in the 2nd and 3rd string players that they will pick up where the starters leave off. Most of all, I like the attitude he instills in the players. He loves the game, has fun with the game, and he lets the players know that yes, he wants them to have fun too, but most of all, he won't accept anything less than their best on and off the field.

So. Not to be overconfident, but I think we'll win today. And the next two weeks. I won't go into predictions past that. GO SKINS!!


somd said...

Okay, so now I know who to blame for the loss - you! Nah, I'm just kidding. EVERYONE thought this was a pretty sure win. I still don't know what happened! I told Bub that the only consolation was that the Cowboys lost as well :-).

So maybe this was what we needed to keep our feet on the ground, eh? Sometimes bad things are actually blessings in disguise. These guys - including Zorn - have so much potential, maybe taking a losing team too lightly is a lesson we needed to learn.

Whatever the case, I'm really bummed.

Michael said...

Cowboys and the Giants! Actually, from what Portis said, Zorn wasn't taking them lightly at all. He was yelling at the guys in practice to stop slacking off. I guess by the end of the week, the players had started to feel like they had done enough and the game was in the bag. Coach Z didn't agree. He was right. I really like him.