Sunday, October 05, 2008


Well, it looks like it's gonna be a tough day today. Big win against Dallas last week, but today's going to be rough. First off, there's the drop-off after such a big win last week. It's going to be difficult to sustain the energy after that. Second, Westbrook is back for the Eagles. So is LJ Smith. For us, Springs is out. Taylor and Heyer were expected, but Springs was iffy through Friday. Also Marcus Washington's inactive for today. That's a lot of injuries. Key for us is going to be our O-line. Johnson's D is aggresive and one of the toughest in the league. Our line has got to open holes for Portis to run and keep Philly off of Campbell. If we can keep our QB off his ass, we will have a shot. Unfortunately, I think our streak of 0 offensive turnovers will end today. I hope not, but I think it will. Our secondary is going to have its hands full without Springs.


somd said...

Oh ye of little faith! I'm very disappointed in you ;-) Actually I don't blame you for thinking the good times might not continue, especially against a team as strong as the Eagles. But they did everything they needed to, didn't they?!! And watching the post-game show on Comcast was soooo much fun. The guys are definitely feelin' it! Dare I think what I'd like to think?

Michael said...

Well, I didn't say we wouldn't win, just that our 0 turnover streak might end. Which, I might add, it didn't. I think it might be too early to dare to think what I think you'd like to think. But probably not too early to think that we have a good shot at going 7-1. Especially if the players can adhere to Coach Zorn's mantra of "staying medium."