Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hopefully, Just the Beginning...

We've done it before. Hopefully, the Redskins' 20-17 win over Seattle on Sunday will be the beginning of our end-of-the-season win streak. Hell, I'll settle for 4 of the last 5. That would put us at 11-5, which would probably get us a wild card berth. Unfortunately, the way the Giants are playing, I think they'll clinch the division. We'll see. Maybe this Sunday will be the beginning of the Giants' downward spiral. *crosses fingers* I won't be holding my breath. We just weren't looking crisp. We did well enough to win, but Seattle was 2-8 and struggling. We can't do "well enough" against a team like the Giants. We gots to bring our "A" Game. Fortunately, we tend to play to the level of our competition. Earlier in the season, we beat the Eagles by 6 (when they were still playing well), and the Cowboys by 2 (both on the road). Then we get beaten by the Rams at home. So who knows?

In non-football news, I'm very sad that one of my favorite shows, The Shield, is ending tonight. After seven seasons, the finale is tonight. For seven seasons, Michael Chiklis has been portraying Vic Mackey, L.A.'s toughest, most morally ambiguous cop (this, from the guy who played The Commish!). He sums it up perfectly in season 1, when a suspect asks if he has come in to play "bad cop" and he responds, "I'm a different kind of cop." He really manages one of the most subtle, nuanced characters on TV. He does things that make him seem irredeemable, yet he doesn't completely lose our sympathy. It is a credit to the writers as well as to the actor that the character is as good as he is. It is a crime that in 6 seasons so far, he has only been nominated for an Emmy 3 times, and has only won once.

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