Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"I sweat when I eat"

My favorite NYPD Blue quote, and one of my favorite all-time TV quotes. Ever the smooth talker and ladies' man, Andy Sipowicz tells his future wife, A.D.A. Sylvia Costas (whom he had previously told, "'Ipso' this, you pissy little bitch!") that he sweats when he eats. They're having dinner, on their first date no less, and he doesn't want her worrying that he's having a heart attack or dying on her, but simply that he sweats when he's eating. Naturally, she falls for him hook, line and sinker. Who wouldn't?

Speaking of flawed cops, and really, Sipowicz was the prototype for the modern flawed police detective, the series finale of The Shield was last night. My God, this show kicked ass. As is par for the course, it wasn't the ending I expected, and it wasn't the ending I thought might happen because it was the opposite of what I expected. As usual, they come up with a third option that is more fitting for the characters and the story and completely blow me away! It wasn't exactly a happy ending, but it wasn't as slam-bang an ending as one might have expected, given how the series started off, but damn if it wasn't a fine piece of writing. It also appeared that the writers put in little tidbits for the loyal fans to let them know that they appreciate the people that stuck around for 7 seasons. Not huge scenes, but just little asides. For example, toward the end, Julian is riding down the street with his partner, Tina (who will always be Maria Quesa Dilla to me). He looks over and sees a gay couple holding hands and playfully laughing. It is a reminder that, while it was not something that needed to dominate his character, or become the defining characteristic, the writers haven't forgotten who he is. He is a cop. He's the senior officer to his rookie partner. He's a black man. He's gay. He may not be open about it, in fact, he is in denial. But it's there. I thought it was a nice touch. One among many. Damn, I'm going to miss this show.

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"I sweat when I eat..." I used this line today at Thanksgiving dinner!!!! LOL