Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Ok, not bad.  12 days since I created my blog and this is my 10th post.  Could do better, could do worse.  This may be turning out to be just a place for me to get out my excitement over various TV & movie projects about which I hear news.  I know Chrissy doesn't mind hearing me get excited about Star Trek and superhero movie news, but after a while, I think her eyes just start to glaze over.  Nothing personal, she just doesn't have the same interest I have in such things.  It's like when she talks about the Civil War.  It is interesting to me and we still talk about it, but I don't the interest level she has.  I will try not to bore everybody by turning this into a mirror site to or

Elsewhere, I tried twice to call my sister Gail yesterday to wish her a happy birthday,  but wasn't able to get through to her.  So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAIL!!  Love you BIG!

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