Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Fantastic Four news

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Hmmm.... Not sure what I think about this. News so far about this movie have been hit or miss. Tim Story ("Barbershop") got directing duties. Word is that audience testing on his latest movie ("Taxi" with Jimmy "SNL" Fallon & Queen Latifa) scored through the roof. That's why he got the job. Ok, that I can deal with. However, the budget is said to be set at $80-90M. Not much for a summer blockbuster franchise tentpole movie, especially given that 3 of the 4 main characters will be special effects covered for 1/2 their time on screen. Then we get Ioan Gruffudd (british actor - did well playing Lancelot in King Arthur) for Mr. Fantastic and Michael Chiklis (Emmy-winning actor from The Shield) - perfect for Ben Grimm/The Thing. Then Jessica Alba as The Invisible Woman. She's young and hot, but will she hold her own in the part? Don't know. I think the reason so many "comic book" movies have been doing so well is that they are being taken seriously as movies. X-Men and The Hulk had an Oscar-winning directors and X had an Oscar-winning actress. This seems like a bit of stunt casting. We shall see...

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