Friday, October 27, 2006

Campbell Takes Snaps in Practice

So Jason Campbell has practiced for two days. Does this mean Gibbs is pulling Brunell? I doubt it. Brunell has some sore ribs after Sundays beating in Indianapolis. I'd be willing to bet he sits out some more practices, but plays against Dallas a week from Sunday. Look at what he did against Jax after he sat out. Actually, I should say look at what he did against Jax after he sat out and Clinton Portis got his run on. Which begs the question, why won't the coaches run Portis more? I asked this question before and have yet to see a reasonable explanation. All during last year's run to the playoffs, everyone kept saying we were playing better because we had re-dedicated ourselves to the run. So why aren't we doing that now, when we're struggling? Argh! Example: in our two wins against Houston and Jacksonville, Portis and Betts had a combined 70 rushes! That's 35 per game average! Against the Colts, who incidentally had the worst run defense in the league, 22. Portis, who ran a record 1,516 yards last year on 352 carries rushed twelve times. Twelve... In the whole game! He should be doing at least that every half! *sigh* I just hope Gibbs & Co. can pull it together before the whole season goes by and we're sitting at 2-14.

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