Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How Cool Is This??

Dexter on Showtime - Visit the Dexter Blog Buzz, and read featured Dexter blogs. I got the following email today from someone at Showtime:
"Hello! We just launched a new page which links to online reviews and blogger responses to Dexter and I have included a link to yours. Thought you'd like to see it before it falls out of the cue. "
Then s/he included the above link to a page on the Showtime website! And there I was, linked right above and article from the TV Squad! Definitely way cool!

1 comment:

katelnorth said...

Yeah, well, some of us might LIKE to see it, but apparently "we at Shotime apologise, but these pages are intended only for viewers within the United States". Poop on Shotime.