Friday, November 17, 2006

A Few Comments On This List

#47. Nipples on the Batman suit. Who cares? I certainly didn't when Batman & Robin came out, and I care even less now! People obsessed with those damn nipples, when they should have obsessed with the awful debacle that was the miscasting of Mr. Freeze. I actually like Ahnuld (as an actor, not a politician), but he was absolutely wrong for the part!
#31. Sean Connery's Scottish accent in Hunt for Red October. Ok, this has been pissing me off since the movie came out 16 years ago. a) If a Russian man learns to speak English, who do you think will teach him? Someone from Brooklyn? Fargo? No, probably someone from closer by, say, maybe Europe? b) His dialog is @$#*ing translated!! The movie starts off entirely in Russian. 10 minutes or so in, the camera focuses in to a character's mouth as he's speaking Russian. Then, as the camera pulls back, the character is speaking English. When the Russians finally meet the Americans, the dialog returns to Russian. That's so the whole damn movie isn't in subtitles! People are so stupid!!
#1. The tyranny of the opening weekend box office. Amen, brother! When Hulk opened, it made over $62M opening weekend! And it was considered a failure. Partly because it had been so front-loaded to make a big opening weekend that it couldn't sustain that pace. It opened in 3,660 theaters! By comparison, the first weekend in November, the top 10 movies averaged 2,387 screens for an total of about $110M. But because the Sunday box office of Hulk had dropped off from Friday/Saturday, it was a flop. I think a lot of people stayed away from this movie because they were hearing about how much it was dropping over the weekend. Why is Friday B.O. even being discussed on Saturday/Sunday? Estimates don't usually even come out until Monday, then final numbers are tallied by Tuesday. Whatever. The point is, movies aren't given a chance to perform at the box office. If they don't have a blockbuster opening, they get shuffled out of the theaters. I hate it.

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