Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Got the Horse Right Here, His Name Is Paul Revere...

Well, we had a pretty good day today. We went to Laurel Park track today. They had the Breeder's Cup being simulcast from Churchill Downs on the televisions. They also had live racing at the Laurel track. We had a set amount of money we had taken with us to spend1 and we did not go over it, even with eating lunch. Actually, I did fairly well. I placed a $2 win/show bet (for a total $4 bet) on Thor's Echo2 in the 6th race at Churchill Downs. He came in first at 15-1 odds!! When I went to the machine to cash in, I don't know what I was expecting, but it paid $43.40! Wow! Chrissy did ok. She bet (not sure how much) on Round Pond on the 8th race at Churchill Downs and she won. He paid about $33.
The cool thing about going to Laurel is that you can go down to the paddock and watch the horses get saddled and walked around. At one point, Chrissy was looking at one of the guide horses (who was named Al Capony) lovingly. The rider got off the horse, handed Chrissy the reins and said, "Here, can you hold this for a second?" I said, "You just made her day!" He went over to tell someone something, came back and handed Chrissy a starlight mint,3 which she got to feed the horse! In any case, we had a great time. It was lots of fun. We spent about 6 hours there and by the time we headed out, I was only down about $18 for the whole day! I had bought a soda and a candy bar, bet on a ton of races at 2 tracks, and had two gin & tonics. Chrissy was down a bit more, but she paid for our admission, the program and our lunches. Overall a rather successful day!
1. My view of betting is that it is more like spending. If you go to Disney, you spend your money, have fun, go home with little or nothing. You go to the track or AC, you spend your money, have fun, and maybe go home with a little left over. Who knows?
2. Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, as well as a superhero in Marvel Comics.
3. Horses apparently love peppermints. Who knew?

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