Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I think Lakisha might bite it tonight. It probably shouldn't be her, but America doesn't like big girls. If not Lakisha, probably Phil. I thought Phil did really well, but he always seems to land at the bottom. I still don't like Chris. I agree with Simon, he's too nasal and too whiney. Blake rocked it as usual. Melinda was great, also as usual. I think the judge's heard a different performance for Jordin than we did. I didn't care for it. There were several pitchy spots. They're so up her ass it's not funny. And if I hear Randy say she's 17 one more time, I'll scream. It's not 17-year-old Idol. I could give a rat's ass if she's better than every 17-year old out there. She's not as good as Blake or Melinda, or even as good as Phil has been for the last two weeks. But she can do no wrong in their eyes. In any case, I think it will be Lakisha tonight. Like I said before, big girls have to be perfect in every other way in order to advance on Idol and she has struggled for two weeks now. It should be Chris, but I doubt it will be. I hope it's not Phil. He has really stepped it up the past two weeks and doesn't deserve to go this week. I don't think he'll make it to the final, but he should hang on for now. Maybe he'll be this year's Elliot Yamin and make it to the final three with Melinda and Blake!

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