Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Skins v. Titans

Well, the Redskins won their first preseason game (did I mention I have season tickets?)! It's wasn't overly pretty, but a win is a win. Campbell looked ok, Brunell looked ok, Collins looked great. The main problem with the the QB situation wasn't the QBs. It was the offensive line. Like last year, though not to the same extent yet I don't think, we are being plagued by injuries. Chris Samuels, Marcus Washington and Randy Thomas are out until regular season. So is Portis. Lloyd just started practicing today. Now Wade (who is still learning a new position), Heyer (an undrafted rookie who is still adjusting to NFL-speed football), and Randle El are hurting. Fortunately, our defense is relatively healthy and looked pretty good against a team who, admittedly, was without their starting quarterback. There's definite room for improvement. When Campbell got time to throw, he looked good. He was checking his options and making the plays. We just need to make sure he gets that time. The running game, without its star player, went nowhere. But again, once the front line starts pulling its considerable weight, that should improve, too. Here's hoping we look better against Pittsburgh this weekend!


somd said...

I missed the game! Shame on me - or maybe not - was it on tv?

Michael said...

This year, preseason games = NFL Network, I think. Though the remainder of the Skins preseason will be broadcast on Comcast SportsNet and on WUSA Channel 9 out of DC. I'm selling the 2 home preseason games to help defray the cost of the tickets, but I can't wait for the season opener against Miami!