Saturday, July 28, 2007


WOO HOO!! As of yesterday, I have officially joined the ranks of the Washington Redskins season ticket holders!! Yaaaayyyy!!! I have literally been waiting half my life for this. When my friend Rob (best man at my wedding) turned 18 (and I was 19), he said, "Hey, let's get on the waiting list." So we both signed up for the waiting list, figuring that by the time our number came up, we'd be 50 years old and able to afford them. He got his call 7 years ago. When he got the call, I sent an email to the Ticket Office and asked what my status was. They responded that I was 56,844 on the list. I am willing to bet that they lost my original information and put me on the list at that point. Well, a week and a half ago, I got the call. They said there were some late cancellations this year and they had some seats available for this season. The FedEx was delivered to the rental office on Thursday afternoon and I picked it up yesterday morning!

The funny thing was... everyone starts out in the nosebleed seats. As better seats become available, they move you up and sell the nosebleeds to the newbies. Rob already moved up once last year. He started in Row 24, then moved up to Row 21. Guess where my seats are? You got it! Row 21! Same section! Un-friggin-believable! We get our seats 7 years apart and wind up in the same section, same row!

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congrats, congrats, congrats!!