Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Katy!

Well, today is my friend Katy's birthday (she's the one over in England). My friendship with Katy is probably my second longest (after Rob, who was my Best Man). We met in the 9th grade (25 years ago!) at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Probably in Jose Irrizary's 1st period class ("You know how long three inches is, don't you Chong?"). Aye yi yi... Long time ago. Anyways, Happy Birthday, Katy!

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katelnorth said...

Wow, have we really known each other 25 years? How scary is that? I'm not in touch with anyone I've known longer (though I've also known Kiki since 9th grade, so I guess it's a tie - though that was 5th period English with Mr Manion, I think). Anyway, thanks! I do read your blog regularly, just don't always have anything to say about the Redskins... :)