Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lyrics to Bamse Song

Ok, according to Emma, a fan of Cute Overload (the site where I got the video), the following is a rough translation of the song about Bamse:

Bamse (the bear) and Lille Skutt(the rabbit) were jumping out to the forest.
Along came Skalman, tampeli svamp, tripped over a cat.
Bamse said, "Come here, come here kitty kitty kittycat.
I will give you a meatball as soon as we arrive."

Soon they saw Grandma's house far up on the mountain.
Lille Skutt ran all he could, all the way there.
And then Bamse said: "You are running waaay to fast, wait for the rest of us.
We dont have any long legs, and Skalman (the turtle) is tired...tired."

Come in come in to my little cottage and I will give you something to eat,
meatballs and lingonberries and lots of icecream.
Don't you want any hunny, big strong Bamse?
No thanks, no thanks not right now, because I am full.

And then the Husmus (the mouse) said: "The hunny is stolen!"
Bamse starts to run fast, so fast, catching Jansson's cat.
Bad bad little kitty, you can get stomach ache. Don't do tricks on us.
Run to Grandma's house. And so the story eeennnndss...

Thanks, Emma!

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