Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Idol Final Four

Ok. My weekly Idol analysis...

Taylor - Kicked some serious ass. Picked the right songs. Had the right energy for the first one and held it back just right for the second. Should have no problem. My only serious problem with the night was Simon's comments to Taylor. I think, just as he disliked Bucky because of his dislike of country music, he doesn't like Taylor because of his dislike of Taylor's "dancing." I think it works for Taylor, though, because it is genuine and not put-on. He doesn't move for show, but because the music moves him. I think the audience feels that and enjoys it. Simon doesn't.
Elliott - I thought he did the best of the night. Amazing. I was worried about his song choices because I hadn't heard of either one, but he knocked it out of the park! I found the songs online afterwards, and I must say I enjoyed Elliott's versions better than Elvis'!
Chris - Did great also! Great job on the first song. Held back a little on the second, but as he said, that's how the song was written.
McPheever - I think she's going to go tonight. I think on the first song(s), she should have stuck with Hound Dog. I was worried when I saw she was doing Hound Dog, but I thought she was better with that part than with All Shook Up. I think it was desperate of her to mix songs and it showed. Wasn't a good performance. I think the second performance was a little more her speed, but still a little shakey. I think she's going. It was definitely the guys' night.

We shall see!

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