Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Idol Final

General thoughts - I don't know why they had both contestants sing two songs they had already sung. It was a waste of time. Not as much of a waste as the lousy written-for-Idol third songs, though. Those songs were awful!

McPheever - Good first song. Better than she performed it before. Still didn't care for her "Over the Rainbow." I think she does better with the perky, bouncy, fun songs. Lousy last song. Bad song and she was pitchy at the beginning and the end. She did ok in the middle, but she was hampered by bad material.

Taylor - Great first song. Much better than Kat. Second song, his vocals were better than the first time he sang it, but the first time had better energy. Lousy last song. Not quite as bad as Kat's song, but bad. He did a much better job with it, though. He took a lousy song and made it into a bad song.

Overall, I can't see any way that Katherine wins. Unless the voting process is compromised. Given that Taylor has never been in the bottom group and Katharine has been multiple times, and given that I don't think the people that voted for Elliott will vote for Kat, and given that he did much better last night (not to mention he's had 8 more years stage experience), I think Taylor will win easily. If it's a 51 to 49% vote, it's fixed. It should be a clear majority in Taylor's favor. Of course, if the voting process were legitimate, it wouldn't have been so close last week. No way was that legit. Doesn't pass the sniff test.

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