Monday, July 09, 2007

Potter Mania

Well, not much going on to blog about, but the excitement of impending Harry Potter is starting to get to me. The fifth movie opens up Wednesday, and the seventh and final book {SOB!} hits the shelves a week from Saturday. I watched the First Look preview on HBO. I'm seeing the commercials all over the place. I've re-read all six books in preparation. I'm starting to get even more jacked about it! I can't wait! But it will be so sad that after this book comes out, it's all over!! Waaagh!

Oh, and I saw Transformers last week. It kicked some major ass! Toward the end, during the fighting, it got a little hard to tell who were the good robots and who were the bad robots. But you know what? I could have cared less. There were giant f-ing robots kicking each others' asses! Of course, my enjoyment of the movie had nothing at all to do with Megan Fox... Anyway... Where was I? Oh yeah, giant f-ing robots. Awesome special effects. There was not one shot that looked fake or phony. The story was good, but almost incidental. Definitely left it wide open for a sequel.

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somd said...

I love the "giant f-ing robots kicking each others' asses"! :-)