Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall TV

Heroes is back!! Yippee!! Not only is it back, but it's good! I was so worried it would suffer a sophomore slump (yay alliteration), but it sustained! :-) The first episode ended, and per usual, I turned to Chrissy and said, "I love this show..." Premiering before Heroes was Chuck, a new comedy about a computer nerd who accidentally gets a ton of government secrets downloaded into his brain (don't ask). It was decent enough to get a second look. It suffices to fill the time until Heroes comes on at 9. I recorded Journeyman, but haven't watched it. I watched the new remake of Bionic Woman on Tuesday. Again, decent enough to merit a second look. The pilot episoded seemed a little uneven, like it was poorly edited, or maybe the script was pared down to fit a 60-minute show. Again, I recorded Life, but haven't watched it yet. It has Damian Lewis, a British actor whom Chrissy and I really like. He was an excellent asshole in The Forsyte Saga. Smallville premiered last night. It was good, but not spectacular. Fairly predictable. I think the only premiere left is season 3 of Supernatural next Thursday. I think that's my most highly anticipated return after Heroes. Can't wait!

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