Sunday, September 23, 2007


Today is the second home game of the Redskins. We play the 0-2 New York Giants and we goin' baby! WOO HOO! It shouldn't be nearly as hot as the Miami game. Not only is it 2 weeks later in the year (happy autumn, everyone), but it's a 4:15 game. When we left the Miami game around 4:00, the sun was just hitting the back of the stadium, so we should be out of sun for the whole game today. I think we have a good shot at going 3-0. The Giants are pretty beat up, not to mention just not playing well. Manning is playing hurt, Burress is a game-time decision. Most of all, besides a win, I hope we spank Shockey. He's a punk and I want us to put him in his place.

In other football news, I have a pretty good lineup in my fantasy league. On a whim, I signed up for a league on Good thing, too, because my friend Keith, who has headed up the Yahoo league I've played in for the past two years, just had a baby! (Congrats, Keith!) So, needless to say, he's been a bit busy and missed something he had to do for our draft. BUT... we had an automated draft on the NFL league. I did pretty well. Both my QBs (McNabb & Favre) are iffy, but I have faith that they'll pull it together. Frank Gore, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson. Denver on defense. I may actually have a shot this year! I've done pretty well in the office football pool, too. I'm actually in 4th place overall. Don't know how long it will last.

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