Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Washington 16, Miami 13

Well, it was hotter than Hell, but the game was great. It was unbelievably hot. And of course, I didn't think about sunscreen until we were halfway to the game. So I got more sun in 3 hours at the game than I did in a week at the game. It was a learning experience, though. We figured out many things that we had not thought of before. Such as the giant foam #1 finger that I brought, but which stayed in my lap or Chrissy's most of the game. In the future, it stays home. In any case, I had a blast at the game. I think Chrissy is still recovering from heat stroke. She stuck it out to the bitter end, though, God bless her.

Oh, speaking of the beach (as I was earlier), it was great. A whole week this time. It was so nice not having to leave in the middle of the week and come back to work. It wasn't much more expensive either, because we had shifted more toward after Labor Day, when the rates drop. So we stayed more days, but most of them at a lower rate. Overall, I think we paid $40 more than last year and stayed 2 or 3 more nights. The weather was great, too. I think someone was trying to make up for last year, when we arrived at the beginning of a hurricane. This year, it was sunny all week. Warm, but not hot (except for two days that were a bit sweltering).

I guess that's it for now. More later. Hail to the Redskins!!


somd said...

Yes, the victory was sweet. I assume the burn would feel ever so much worse had the 'skins lost :) Hail, indeed! (OMG, I just thought about how cool that must be to belt out "Hail to the Redskins" along with a stadium full of fans!)

Michael said...

It was beyond cool. It rocked the shit!