Monday, October 08, 2007

#1 Passing Offense My Ass...

Much was made of the vaunted passing game of the Lions going in to yesterday's game. But when we reached gametime, the Skins shut down the Lions' entire offense. The Defense held the Lions' offense to 144 total! Only 76 of that was in the air! We held the Lions to 11 first downs. The Lions were 1-10 on 3rd down conversions. One 3rd down conversion in the whole game!! We got 5 sacks on Kitna, including 1 for a safety (not that it's really hard to sack a QB who moves slower than Tippy Turtle). We forced 4 fumbles (didn't recover any of them, though) and had 2 interceptions, one for a TD. Then, our offense finally clicked, too. In a major way. Jason Campbell was 23 for 29 for 248 yards. Despite the fact that our #1 receiver (Moss) was out with an injured hamstring and our #2 (Randle El) went out at the half with the same, Campbell spread the ball around to 8 different receivers.

Speaking of receivers, I have to follow up on my rant yesterday. On the depth chart, Brandon Lloyd is supposed to be the #3 receiver. Moss is out with an injury, so who do they put up opposite Randle El? James Thrash (not that I have anything against Thrash - I don't). But then Randle El goes out at the half, so you figure Lloyd will go in then, right? Wrong. He did actually make it into the game on one play (that I saw) and caught a pass for 9 yards. But they even passed to McCardell twice, and he had only been with the team for six days! There has to be something else going on there. For some reason, Gibbs or Saunders must be pissed off at Lloyd and they're keeping him out. I wish they would just come out and say it. They didn't seem to have a problem bashing Archuleta and Arrington in a roundabout way when they were having problems with them. But they keep saying they want Lloyd involved, but it's hard to be involved from the sideline. Even the commentators in pre-game show were noticing his lack of presence on the field. I just don't get it.

Ok. Enough. The bottom line is, we won 34-3. If we can keep up this level of play, or even close, we have a good shot at shutting down Favre & the Packers this weekend. Go Skins!!

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