Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pats O-Line

Ok, I'm watching Skins pre-game. I'm seeing something that I've noticed over the past week of watching coverage of the Pats leading up to today's game. Aside from the media being up Brady's ass, they keep talking about how wonderful the offensive line is at protecting him. Well, what I've noticed is that everyone is so friggin' afraid of Moss, Welker and Stallworth that they double cover them. Guess what? That means there's no one left to rush the QB! They're showing a slo-mo replay praising the Pats O-line, and there's only 3 guys rushing! Well, of course they'll give the QB great protection if they're double covering every rusher... Even the devastated line of the Skins could protect Campbell against the wonderful incredible Patriots if they were allowed to put 2 linemen against every Pats lineman. Ugh!

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