Monday, August 04, 2008

Hall of Fame Weekend

A few observations on the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend. Darrell Green & Art Monk are a couple of class acts. I was glad they both made it in. I liked what Darrell Green's son had to say about setting an example for future generations of young athletes, in work ethic and off-field behavior. It speaks volumes to Green character that his son seems so level-headed. Hopefully, he'll stay that way as his career progresses.

The team looked pretty good. Granted, there's only so much to see when half the starters are on the bench, or still rehabbing from off-season surgeries. Still, we got to see a little of the Zorn influence in action. Campbell looked very good. Quick, sharp, decisive. Much more confident than last year. It was great to see a healthy offensive line, too. Made all the difference in the world! Third string and backup RBs going 17-20 yards? As Monty Burns would say, "Eeeeeeexcellent." *steeples fingertips together*

One area of concern I did have was on Defense. I noticed in the 1st quarter seeing Reed Doughty all over the field on every play. I don't know if this is a design of Blache's defense, or if this was Doughty fighting hard for a starting position, but it's not something he will be able to keep up for 4 quarters every game. Hopefully, he just saw some opportunities to make some plays and took them.

Colt Brennan actually looked really good. Very comfortable in the pocket. Not at all thrown off by the speed of the game. He may give Todd Collins a run for his money as the #2 QB. Collins has the experience, but after his good but not spectacular performance last night, I wonder how much of his impressiveness last year was due to his familiarity with the Al Saunders system. Not that Collins did poorly by any stretch. It's just that Campbell and Brennan looked so good, it made Collins' solid performance look mediocre. I felt a little bad for Derek Devine, since basically, he just came in to hand off the ball and run down the clock.

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