Monday, August 11, 2008

I Know It's Only Preseason

So we're up to 2-0. I know it's only preseason, but two wins is two wins. Although Rob and I were saying that maybe Favre will light into us this week and Zorn will get his first taste of defeat. Naturally, we don't want the Skins to lose, but maybe it would be better if he lost his first game when it doesn't really matter.

Well, we couldn't sell our tickets, so Rob and I wound up going to the game. We took his step-daughters, and had our first IHTD day with the girls. We had a good time.

First team looked good. Campbell still looked sharp. Portis looked good. Betts looked good. Taylor made his first appearance on the D-Line. He & Carter looked good (I'm sure I'll get no argument from Gail). Collins didn't look great. Once again, Brennan came out to thunderous applause. And once again, Derek Devine came out in the 4th basically to hand the ball off. We'll see how the Defense looks against Favre & the Jets. Jeez, that sounds weird.

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