Sunday, March 11, 2007


Well, we went to sign the lease for the new apartment, and the property manager was there. They were actually just finishing up cleaning up the apartment, so he asked if we wanted to move in that day! Now, we needed a money order for the prorated first month's partial rent, which I had already gotten, and I didn't want to pay extra to move in early, so I said, "Well... I only have the money order for the rent as of Wednesday." He waved me off and said, "I don't care about that." So he changed the move-in date on the lease, added a discount for the time between Saturday and Wednesday, and we got the key! Yay! So there's still a few things, like the move-in checklist, to take care of, but basically, we're in! WOO HOO!

So, we took over our first two carloads of schtuff last night. At my friend Katy's suggestion, I did a little video tour of the place. I'll do another one when we get everything moved in and it looks like an actual apartment. On a side note, upon loading the video to the computer and playing around a little, I found out Windows has a movie editor! So I was actually able to play around a little with the video, as you can see.


Julie B. said...

I LOVE IT! You guys are going to be SO happy there! I think your kitchen is the BEST! Now, if you guys were home enough to actually cook, it would help! Good luck!

Michael said...

Tell me about it. Hopefully, the fact that we're closer will mean we'll have more time to cook. Not to mention the fact we'll actually have room to move in the new kitchen! :-)

katelnorth said...

...and your friend Katy is thrilled that you decided to do a video tour. Cool. Please to send me your new address via email :)