Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another Tough Night

This time, it was the ladies who struggled. The guys definitely did better this week. Gina started of singing Heart. Struggled at spots, but brought it together, did well. I didn't have any "confusion" over her identity, or whatever Simon was trying to say. I think Alaina was trying to make a statement to the judge's with her song choice, but it just came across as lacking. Try as she might, I just don't think she has the vocals to make it to the top. Lakisha, on the other hand looked and sounded great singing Gladys Knight! I did think the skirt was a little short, but I think she's lost a bit of weight since the auditions and she's probably dressing and performing with a little more confidence after Hollywood Week and the 1st week of finals. Melinda also wowed the judges with her performance of My Funny Valentine. I think she's head and shoulders above what she thinks she is and is starting to show a little more confidence. She needs to keep that up. I wish she would cut back a little on the vibrato, though. That's just my personal preference. Antonella did tons better than last week, no doubt, but still struggled singing Celine Dion. I think with the level of competition this year, she is simply outclassed (in more ways than one). Jordin didn't have her best performance of her run or of the night, and it's always tough for them when they choose Christina Aguilera songs, but I think her worst performance will still be better than Antonella's best. She's just got a naturally better voice. Stephanie sang what I guess was a Beyonce song, but it wasn't one that I knew and it reminded me of Nicole's performance last week. The difference was, even though it sounded at times like the band was playing music for a different song that what she was singing, Stephanie sounded like she nailed the vocals. Didn't like the song choice, but liked Stephanie. Leslie, on the other hand, still seems a bit awkward in this competition. She did much better than last week, and did well with the vocals, but didn't care much for the performance, the song (Nina Simone), or her outfit. I think she did well enough to go on one more week, though. Haley also did much better than last week, singing Whitney, but has the same problem vocally that Antonella does. She just doesn't have the pipes to make it to the end. Sabrina may not make it to the end either, and struggled a bit this week, but still has more talent in her hair than Alaina has in her whole body.

Overall, the guys ruled this week. The girls who struggled last week stepped up this week, but in the end, they just won't be able to keep up with the A-List. I think Alaina and Antonella will go home tonight.

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