Saturday, March 10, 2007

Non-Idol Update

Well, today is the first of a few big days. Today, we go to sign the lease for our apartment. We're hoping to get a walk-through, too, but it depends on whether they're done painting or not. The next big day is Wednesday (the 14th). That's our official move-in day, meaning that we get our keys. We won't actually be physically moving in until later. Not sure the exact day. It depends on how our moving goes. We're going to try to get most of the small stuff moved over the first week or so. Then, we have a truck rental booked for the 24th. That's when we'll move the big stuff. We're making decent progress on packing, but we're running out of space to put the boxes we pack!

In some sad news, my brother-in-law's father has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He has gone through a first initial round of chemo and is starting the second, agressive round next week. I believe he is otherwise very healthy (he's a doctor), so I am hoping his body will be strong enough to fight it off and withstand the chemo. Please add him to your list of people to keep in your thoughts and prayers.

Oh, more sad/odd news. Chrissy and I got an email on Thursday at work that our IT director had passed away! No one really knows yet what happened. I think he was in the low 40s and he seemed fairly healthy. I think he was out sick on Wednesday. Right now, it's mostly just rumor and conjecture.

Ok, I know this is supposed to be a non-Idol update, but I need something a little lighter after those last two paragraphs. I'll keep it brief. Sanjay and Haley have no business being in the top 12. Sabrina was robbed. Ok, that's it.

Not sure how frequently I will be able to blog over the next week or two. Not sure when the computer will be packed up at the old place and/or working at the new place. I'll try to keep up some at work. Wish us luck with the move!

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