Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Wow. Another rough night for the guys. Blake started off rough singing 311. Not sure what his problem was. Maybe just an off-night. He'll be fine, though. Sanjaya struggled, as ususal. Sundance struggled through Pearl Jam. It could have been a great song for him, but he just seems to have lost his oomph. Chris R. did ok with Keith Urban. Good song choice for him. Jared had a very schitzo performance singing Stevie Wonder. Parts were great, but parts blew chunks. He needs to stick with the slower, soulful songs. Or as Paula said, "color" his performances. I about died when she told a black guy to put more color in his performance. Brandon definitely did much better than last week, but needs to keep it more contemporary. I didn't think Phil's song choice was that odd, but I did think the fashion choice was. Especially the hat. He did ok, though. Chris S. easily had the best performance of the night. He rocked it. Wasn't sure about the song choice, as I had never heard the song, but he nailed it nonetheless.

My prediction for tomorrow night, Sanjaya & Sundance are going home. Phil is in danger, but I think he'll make it one more week.

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