Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Ladies

Jordin started decent singing Pat Benetar. A few rough spots, but good performance, good energy. Same with Sabrina singing En Vogue. A few spots where her voice was a little screechy, but good overall. Antonella once again just showed how out of her league she is in this competition. Not a very good performance. She's hot and she's got a decent voice, but she's not the next American Idol. Same with Haley. Not bad, but just not in the same league as the other ladies, or even the same league as the better male performers. I kind of felt bad for Haley when Simon said he couldn't remember her name, because I thought to myself "Amy, right?" Bad song choice, too. Also a bad song choice for Stephanie, but a good performance. She needs to watch it, though, with these off-beat choices. She needs to pick more mainstream songs, or she'll lose the audience. Lakisha rocked the house singing Whitney Houston. She's a great performer. Loved the outfit, too. I think Simon's a little sweet on her. :-) Excellent choices for Gina. The outfit was good, performance was good. Evanescence was a great song choice. Gina reminds me a little of Melissa, from last season. She's a little rough, good voice, cute, not good enough to win, but works hard and gets better every week. She should have no problem going to the next round. Melinda had another great week singing W-O-M-A-N. She's getting much more comfortable on stage week after week. I could see the final two being Melinda and Lakisha. They're simply in another league above the other women and most of the men.

I was surprised Simon kinda-almost mentioned the Antonella scandal. For the most part, the entire show has kind of glossed over the whole thing, but he actually mentioned that she had gotten a lot of negative attention in the media. Again, though, I can't really argue with what he said to Antonella or Haley. I just don't think either of them has the chops to compete on the same level as the others. I think they're the ones going home tonight.

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