Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Latin Night on Idol

For Latin Night last night, the Idols had Jennifer Lopez for their mentor. Mmmm... JLo... I'm sorry. Where was I? Oh yes, Idol. For the most part, Latin Night was pretty lackluster. No one really did great except for Blake. Melinda started off looking great, sounding good, and actually pulling off sultry. Lakeisha did ok with Conga. I think she may have a rough time this week. I don't get the whole Chris thing. He's so whiney and nasal. Haley, I get. She's not great, but Simon nailed it right on the head. Skimply clothing is her strategy, and that is what has gotten her this far. The judges didn't seem to like Phil, but I thought he did very well. The "voice crack" in the end seemed more a stylistic choice than a failing in talent, but maybe that's just me. Jordin struggled with turn the beat around. I actually think she & Haley would have done well switching songs. The styles would have suited them better. Oh, and I don't care for the nose ring. I think that was new last week. Ick. Blake rocked the house singing I Need to Know by JLo's hubby, Marc Anthony. Excellent song choice and excellent performance. Although, I must confess, I was hoping he'd sing La Vida Loca. Now, for the painful part - Sanjaya was actually good last night. I think he benefitted from 2 things: 1) good hair (no faux-hawk); 2) no movement, he sat still on stage. My guess: Lakeisha, Haley and Phil in the bottom 3 with Haley going home. I could see Lakeisha going, basically because of the Mandisa-factor (big girls on Idol pretty much have to be perfect in every other regard - one slip in singin or clothing choice and America (especially voting teen America) will pounce), but I think it will be Haley. Especially since Simon called her on the skimpy-clothes strategy, which made her seem very uncomfortable that he called her on it. I think that tactic only really works in a don't-ask-don't-tell sort of way. Once it's out in the open that she's doing that, it loses its draw.

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